A817 Carey

Pocket nylon holster

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Pocket nylon pouch keeping gun safe even in the trousers pocket. The bottom closed design does not allow dirt coming into the barrel and an open top for easy access. The good solution also for storing the gun .

Our skilled craftsmen customize the holster for your specific handgun .

  • Pocket holster for a wide variety of pistols and revolvers
  • Made of premium nylon

Note: Changes in the order can be made only up to 24 hours after you receive the order confirmation. After this period, it is no longer possible to make changes in the order because it enters the production process.


Zcela přesně odpovídá mým představám a požadavkům na kapesní pouzdro.


Very comfortable


Holster na Cz 75 je extremne tesný, zbran sa zasúva len so silou, ktoru povazujem za nadmernú. Pritom som udával typ zbrane. Na inom puzdre je to komfortné.
Holster na H11 je nepouzitelný, zbran sa zasunut nedá. Trapil som puzdro, az sa roztrhlo.
Viacero priatelov malo obdobné tazkosti.
Tešil som sa na holstre velmi. Hnevá ma to.

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