Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry

Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry

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Each of our shoulder holster for concealed carry is handcrafted using the finest materials. Our craftsmen make the fully customizable holsters one at a time, using the traditional methods that result in sturdier and more durable concealed carry shoulder holsters.

Although this carry style fits among the oldest, it kept its “elegance”. After the years of gun use, the concealed carry shoulder holster was changed towards higher functionality, but the base stayed the same.

The holsters are attached to the shoulder rig from the top and to the trousers from the bottom. While moving, the holster shifts a little, which might not be ideal. With this holster type, it is essential to balance the weight of the gun with the counterbalance (ex.: ammunition pouch, knife, magazine...) this is the purpose of a single, cross, or adjustable shoulder harness. The gun holster harness is commonly made from nylon or leather. The carry itself consists of 4 components- a holster, a harness, a counterbalance, and a shoulder holster tie-down straps. 

The wearing position might be horizontal or vertical. Both options – horizontal concealed carry holster & concealed carry vertical shoulder holster- have their Pros & Cons. While gripping the gun might be easier to grip and draw while in the horizontal holster, the vertical holster might also conceal a full-size gun.

1911 Shoulder Holster Concealed
1911 Shoulder Holster Concealed


FALCO offers full of design options concealed carry revolver shoulder holster and pistols conceal shoulder holster made from leather or nylon. Our custom shoulder holsters for pistols with lights are compatible with various accessories.


Each of our deep concealment shoulder holster is compatible with pistols with high-sight and pistols with red dot sights such as Romeo, Trijicon, Vortex, Holosun, and others. Simply choose your type of laser from the options such as Hellcat holster with optic. If you do not find your light or laser in the options, contact our support, we will still be able to produce a custom nylon holster for you.


At FALCO you can build your own custom concealment shoulder holster system from scratch and enjoy carrying even a full-size firearm in the premium custom-fitted concealed carry chest rig. You can start with a leather shoulder holster or a nylon shoulder holster and match it with any of our shoulder harnesses.

Each Falco concealment shoulder holster can be made as left-handed holsters for revolvers and pistols. If you are a left-handed shooter, you can simply select a left-hand option. Falco Holsters offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on craftsmanship and with our replacement screw sets, you can easily replace any worn own screws or attachments. This way, you can truly enjoy your concealed carry holster for life.

Our shoulder counterbalances are ambidextrous and you can carry them under either your right arm or left arm. The right-handed shoulder rig concealed carry is made with a holster under your left arm to enable a right-hand draw across your chest. Our left-handed shoulder holsters are designed to be carried under your right arm for a left-hand draw across your chest. If you like to hunt, you will definitely like our hunting chest rig. Hunting chest rigs can be made for pistols or revolvers.  If you are a real connoisseur you will appreciate our hunting chest holster for revolvers with scope.

Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry - ROTO
Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry - ROTO

Concealed carry shoulder holsters do not belong among the most often used. They are preferred for duty or tactical use. Amongst the civils, this carry style is used mostly for hiking or hunting. Concealed carry shoulder rig is an ideal and stylish accessory in the formal environment but if you want to try concealed carry shoulder holster under shirt Falco offers you plenty of designs.