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The world of competitive shooting and handguns sees myriad brands and models, each contending for the top spot in terms of performance and design. Among these contenders is the Grand Power XCalibur, a fascinating entry by the Slovakian firm, Grand Power. The company itself was established in 2002 by Jaroslav Kuracina, a former soldier heavily influenced by his grandfather who was partisan during the Second World War. Kuracina's experience and passion for firearms led to the creation of pistols that gained rapid attention for their innovative rotating barrel system and unique ergonomic designs. With such a legacy, the XCalibur is more than just another pistol; it's a testament to years of innovation and dedication. As Grand Power's flagship model, the X-Calibur commands attention. Let's delve into the specifics of this handgun and uncover what makes it truly special.

Grand Power X-Calibur MK23
Grand Power X-Calibur MK23

Specifications & Features


  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Action: SA/DA
  • Trigger Pull: 15-18N (SA) / 30-35N (DA)
  • Barrel Length: 5.0 inches
  • Overall Length: 8.7 inches
  • Weight (unloaded): 28.2 oz
  • Magazine Capacity: 15+1 rounds
Grand Power XCalibur Barrel
Grand Power XCalibur Barrel


  • Unique Rotating Barrel System: Diminishes recoil and upholds consistent accuracy.
  • Sights: Adjustable Elliason Rear Sight & Tritium Front Sight for enhanced shooting accuracy.
  • Extended Thumb Safety: Prioritizes easy use and safety.
  • Ergonomics: Improved ergonomics and ambidexterity, a staple in all Grand Power models.
  • Trigger Mechanism: Newly designed to ensure on-point shots and to minimize trigger flinching.
  • X-Trim Slide: Reduces slide weight leading to diminished recoil.
  • Accessory rail: Allows lasers & tactical gun lights
Grand Power X Calibur Slide
Grand Power X Calibur Slide

Shooting Range Performance

On the range, the Grand Power X-Calibur exhibits stellar performance. Its extended barrel, combined with the rotating design, results in precise shots and minimal recoil. I achieved consistent groupings even at 25 yards. The trigger, a critical aspect of any competition firearm, is light and crisp with a quick reset. This, combined with the ergonomic grip, makes it an excellent choice for prolonged shooting sessions.

X-Calibur Slide
X-Calibur Slide

Pros & Cons

Certainly, a well-rounded understanding of any product, especially firearms, requires careful consideration of its strengths and weaknesses. The Grand Power X-Calibur is no exception to this. Its pros underscore the remarkable advancements and innovative designs the firearm brings to the table, while its cons serve as a gentle reminder that no tool, no matter how expertly crafted, is without its limitations. If you plan on buying this handgun you should weigh these pros and cons against your specific needs, preferences, and the intended use of the firearm. In doing so, you should ensure you’re your investment is well-placed and that the X-Calibur will serve you effectively and efficiently.

Grand Power XCalibur MK23 Sights
Grand Power XCalibur MK23 Sights


  • High Accuracy: The rotating barrel and ergonomic design ensure precise shooting.
  • Low Recoil: The unique barrel system effectively minimizes kickback.
  • Godly Trigger: A newly designed trigger mechanism eliminates jerking.
  • Adjustability: From sights to grips, the XCalibur caters to user customization.
X Calibur X-Trim
X Calibur X-Trim


  • Weight: Competition guns are usually larger & heavier. This might lead to more complicated concealed carry.
  • Price: It's a premium competition gun and is priced accordingly. X Calibur's price is overall below its competitors like CZ Shadow 2 or Staccato P.
  • Availability of Accessories: While growing in popularity, it may not have as many aftermarket options as some other brands.
Grand Power XCalibur Accesory rail
Grand Power XCalibur Accessory rail

Holster for Grand Power X-Calibur

Finding a good & gun-specific holster for Grand Power X-Calibur might be hard. However, ( as usual ) Falco Holsters has you covered. We can craft a wide range of X Calibur holsters based on your exact preferences & needs. Whether you are looking for IWB, OWB, leather, Kydex, or even a duty holster, you will surely find what you are looking for. Thanks to the available configuration with each holster you can build your own & unique holster for this special handgun.

Grand Power X-Calibur Holster
Grand Power X-Calibur Holster

Closing Thoughts

The Grand Power XCalibur is a representation of what happens when innovation meets passion. For those in the competition circuit or simply wanting a premium range gun, the XCalibur stands as a worthy option. While it comes with some minor drawbacks, its performance, design, innovation, and heritage offer a compelling package. As with any firearm purchase, always evaluate your needs and preferences. However, you can rest assured this handgun won’t let you down once it matters most.

Martin Lukačko

sales & marketing

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