Top 10 Means of Self Defense

If there is one thing that has become more and more important, it is self-reliance and self-defense in potentially dangerous situations. Whether you are out for a morning run, at work in the office, or at home relaxing, you want to be able to defend yourself should the need arise. To do so, there are many weapons, tools, and means to accomplish this task. Here are the top ten best and most useful means you could find at your local Army Shop.

1. Concealed Carry Handgun

Starting off our list with one of the most effective forms of self-defense out there, handguns come in all shapes, sizes, and calibers. A small handgun that is kept in a concealed carry holster can be your best defense in many situations. You can even keep it in a purse with a holster, an ankle holster, or a shoulder holster that still keeps it concealed but in a comfortable carry position! The key is to keep your concealed handgun hidden but on your person while staying comfortable, and the holster is the main key in doing that.

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2. Stun Gun

In locations where you cannot bring along a concealed carry handgun, you might still be able to carry a stun gun. Stun guns are actually inexpensive but very effective, and you can still properly carry and/or hide them on your person with ease. In fact, you can even use some of the same holsters that you would use with a firearm in order to conceal them!

3. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray contains a formula that has tear gas and pepper extract to ensure it incapacitates an attacker in a self-defense situation. It is so effective, that it is used by law enforcement all over the world. Where a concealed firearm or even a stun gun might be against the rules to carry, pepper spray is even more accessible. You can carry it in a pocket, in concealed gun holsters, or even on a key ring with your keys.

4. Tactical Pen

Tactical pens are not just fancy writing tools, and can actually be used for defending yourself in dangerous situations. These pens are generally made with a very stout body that is constructed of machined steel for incredible durability, which means this simple writing tool can be used in melee fashion when needed and it can go just about anywhere without suspicion.

5. Keychain Knuckles

Another unsuspecting tool for self-defense, keychains can go just about anywhere and these knuckles act as a tool and weapon for when it matters most. The goal for any self-defense weapon or tool is accessibility, which these excel at.

6. Martial Arts

While having a weapon or tool on your person is important, sometimes you just simply will not have one. What do you do then? In these situations, you can use your body as a weapon if you are familiar with a martial art. From boxing to jujitsu, many types of fighting styles and martial arts can be helpful should you not have a weapon or tool with you.

7. Concealed Knife

Knives are one of the most versatile and useful tools that you should always carry, and they make excellent self-defense weapons as well. When you keep it concealed, you also get many more benefits but just like with a gun, you need a quality and comfortable holster to keep it in. Here at Falco Holsters, we also produce some of the best knife holsters to accommodate your knives of all shapes and sizes.

8. Self Defense Ring

When concealability and weight are the biggest considerations, a self-defense ring might be a great choice. These rings look like normal rings, but when the top is taken off it reveals a spike that can be used to fight with as you throw punches or use it to slash.

9. Steel Baton

Collapsible steel batons are often issued as another form of non-lethal self-defense to many military and law officers around the world. These weapons are very compact and easy to use. They can be carried on a belt, back pocket, or in a purse and are great to have on hand. If you are not afraid of trading blows in order to defend yourself, then a steel baton can be a great option.

10. Heavy-Duty Flashlight

While a flashlight may not seem like a self-defense tool, a large and heavy-duty flashlight such as a Fenix HT18 can be used as a club in addition to the flashing light to stun an enemy. Big, heavy, and dangerous, a big flashlight seems innocent but is a great means for self-defense!

Final Thoughts

Having some kind of means of self defense is more important today than it has ever been. All of these things can help get the job done, but you must pick the right tool for the job and the right one that you can legally have on you at the time. From concealed carry handguns in concealable holsters to a simple knife in a holster on your belt, a weapon or tool can easily save your life in a self defense situation!

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