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Let's start talking about the shoulder holsters. The first thing that comes to my mind is a picture of a tall figure of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, or Columbo looming over a dusty desk. He wears a smart hat and a signature long cloak. There is no question to what interconnects them. The cold revolver in a shoulder rig concealed under the coat. But that's me, the bookworm who loves classics. 

Other people may imagine the 1920s-30s gangsters. They carry the shiny black full grain Italian leather shoulder rig matched to their belts and custom leather shoes. Looking so classy in the custom shoulder harness, everybody thought the shoulder carry originated in this era. The fact is, it only became more popular and visible then. 

These folks mostly went for open carry (at least in the movies). It is believed that the rig was actually a creation of the Old West. The new underarm carry position allowed better concealment of the firearm. Also, it gave the shooter a strategic advantage. Cowboys were the first ones to prove shoulder holster for revolvers is good for concealed carry. 

Shoulder Gun Holster for pistol
Shoulder Gun Holster

Shoulder gun holsters for concealed carry

Let´s move from revolver shoulder holsters to the more contemporary pistol holster shoulder. The Western shoulder rig looked different from the Galco Miami Classic ii. A harness of professionals from C15- Bodie, Doyle, and Cowley is a legend. Everyone remembers what actors like Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, or Bruce Willis used.

The law enforcement officers and federal detectives are often shown with shoulder holsters for pistols over their dress shirts. Classy right? But the truth is, most law enforcement agencies do not use shoulder carry nowadays. They moved to the safer and more practical carry options.

Does anyone use gun shoulder holsters anymore?

Yes! A considerable number of gun enthusiasts still use their favorite leather shoulder holster system for everyday carry. The holsters offer reliable stability of the firearm, outstanding comfort, and versatility. Most of all, this carry style will make you feel like a hero. It's your childhood memories and we believe it is worth it!

You will want to show your custom gun holster every day. But there are times when open gun carry is not an option. Is it difficult to conceal a shoulder holster? It may be challenging. But with the right choice of clothes and a well-fitted custom shoulder harness, you can conceal a shoulder holster very easily.

In fact, this may be the only option to carry and conceal full size firearms. All handguns such as Desert Eagle, or large-frame revolvers such as Taurus Judge. Custom 1911 shoulder holsters are the best way to conceal your Colt or Kimber.

Everyone who carries a 1911 pistol every day can tell one thing. The extra weight compared to the polymer frames can wear you down. The best thing about the shoulder holsters for 1911 is the weight. They distribute the weight of the firearm, and the extra magazines on your harness evenly. This simply makes your life more enjoyable, and your posture better. Bonus? Your back pain will decrease.

If you live in a hot climate we strongly recommend our nylon shoulder holsters. Nylon material is are light and breathable. It helps with sweating. If you are still unsure, explore more about the gun carry positions.

You will find the rigs perfect for special occasions. Imagine pairing anything else than your shoulder holster with suit. Well, it is convenient for the formal men-wear. But can you pair a harness with ladies' dress? Certainly not. It does not mean that there are no women shoulder rigs. These simply match other occasions. Ladies can use it for bike riding. As a woman, I love shoulder carry while hiking. Just admit it. There is nothing more epic and adventurous than a woman shoulder holster. Take a look at Lara Croft rocking her double pistol shoulder harness holster!

If you love the style, be aware that we are custom shoulder holster makers. We can make the highest quality holsters for pretty much anything. Some of our custom leather products include shoulder carry systems for iPhones or knives. We even crafted a hand-made double whiskey bottle holster for partners!

Horizontal shoulder holster suit
Horizontal Shoulder Holster


There are two main types of revolver or pistol shoulder holsters - horizontal and vertical. Most firearm instructors hate the horizontal shoulder rigs. There is one simple reason. Your handgun is flagging anyone behind you when holstered. We believe this should not be an issue with a well-trained experienced shooter. The horizontal shoulder holsters have their place in the world. They offer a more efficient underarm gun draw. It is important to ensure your firearm is well secured. We want to minimize the chance of accidental discharge. If you are new to gun carry and you have doubts, it is always best to go for the vertical shoulder holster. Even better. You do not need to compromise. Our ROTO shoulder holster is the perfect solution for you. The #1 selling item across all of our online stores. It gives you the benefit of the vertical carry method on one hand and the smooth and efficient horizontal draw on the other hand. Our customers simply love the design. And we believe it is the most practical shoulder holster on the market. Its only downsize may be that it is not compatible with weapon-mounted lights and lasers. The ROTO system allows the holster to unfold. Once the safety strap is released by your forefinger, you're ready to draw.

The complete shoulder system comes in a package of 4 components. The gun-specific holster, and counterbalance- speedloader pouch or a magazine pouch. Fully adjustable shoulder strap plus the tie-down adjustable straps. You will never run out of extra ammunition again. The counterbalance sits under your shooting hand. The gun holster under the opposite arm. This makes the firearm accessible to your strong hand.

You can play around with the attachment. Create a double holster shoulder harness with one right-handed and one left-handed holster attached on each side. The last but not least, each shoulder set includes tie-down straps. these secure both, the holster and the counterbalance to your belt. This is a very important part. The strap truly does the trick when adjusted. 

All of our counterbalances, holsters, and harnesses use the same attachments. It makes them completely interchangeable. This way you can get an extra compatible part if needed. No need to invest in a complete rig again. Imagine. You recently bought a laser/light for your firearm. You do not need to buy the whole set. Just get a light-bearing holster and attach it to the harness and magazine pouch you already have. 

Complete Custom Shoulder Holster Set
Custom Shoulder rig