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Beretta PX4 Holster: Chasing The Compatibility Based On Version

Rotary barrel, snag-free design, multiple available caliber options, high-capacity magazines, and even a decocker. This is how I would summarize the excellent design of the Beretta PX4 Storm pistols. I have open and concealed carried all of them for a while now. They are unbelievably capable handguns that offer enhanced accuracy and reduced recoil. There are three main frame sizes they are offered in. In this article, I will go through all of them and offer my insights on how to concealed carry them in a Beretta PX4 Storm holster, share my tips and tricks, and even discuss the best options for their Kydex holsters.

Beretta PX4 Holster
Beretta PX4 Holster

Holsters For Beretta PX4 Storm - Full-size

Let's start with the full-size and largest version that was designed to provide exceptional performance at the shooting range and during duty carry. The main question is whether you can carry it concealed.

Beretta PX4 Concealed Carry Holster

The PX4 Storm full-size is thick and quite large from all perspectives. Concealing it in a Beretta PX4 Storm IWB holster definitely isn't easy. If you are a petite-sized person, I would recommend off-body carrying it in a concealed carry bag. If not, you can at least try it. I did, and concealing its oversized grip was quite a challenge. I went through the multiple OWB holsters, IWB holsters, and belly bands, however, when I tried a hybrid PX4 holster A907 equipped with a claw and combined it with a slightly baggier shirt, it worked the best. This means concealed carry is possible, but you need to decide which form or holster to choose based on your body type.

I recommend the A907 with a claw if you don't have a PX4 Storm equipped with a light. If you do, take a look at the Beretta PX4 Kydex holster A903 L 2021. Don't forget to pick the version with an optional claw as well.

Holster Beretta PX4 Storm
Holster Beretta PX4 Storm

PX4 Compact Holster

PX4 Compact is nearly identical to the full-size version with the same rotary barrel & other loved features. As its name indicates it is actually a compact version. If you plan to carry it you would benefit from a shorter grip, shorter beaver tail, and of course shorter barrel. Its shorter rail for lights limits the use of rail-mounted pistol lights for the ones designed for compact handguns. While it is overall smaller in size it is still thick just the same.

holster Beretta PX4 Storm Compact
holster Beretta PX4 Storm Compact

Beretta PX4 Compact Holster

Yes, shorter dimensions surely give you more freedom when choosing a suitable holsters for the Beretta PX4 Storm Compact. Thanks to the spared mass it should hurt your concealed carry game if you equip it with additional light. It is natural I straight away looked for a Beretta PX4 Storm holster with light. My search wasn't too long. I found an ideal match of my PX4 Storm & TLR7X with a hybrid IWB holster A116 L 2021. This one is designed to be carried inside the waistband and on your hip or at 4 o'clock. The leather platform nicely wrapped me & gave PX4 Compact just the right angle to hide its grip. This Beretta PX4 Storm Compact holster has multiple customization options and I recommend getting it with a full sweat guard as this feature shields your precious iron from body moisture and helps to preserve it.

Oh, and in case you do not want to rock light on your PX4, the A116 PX4 Storm Compact holster is available as a non-lightbearing model too.

Beretta PX4 Subcompact Holster

Let's dive through the last model on this list. It is definitely the smallest one. Grip, barrel & beaver tail are even smaller than on the compact version. It might surprise you, but it does not feature a rotary barrel! Quite a shocker I know. My tests at the shooting range however proved that is not a problem at all. It had great accuracy & recoil smooth just like its bigger brothers. The only bummer is PX4 subcompact is still 1.42-inch wide exactly like the frames of the compact & full-size PX4s.

Kydex Belly Band Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact holster
Kydex Belly Band Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact holster

PX4 Subcompact Holster

While it is a thick boy it was a pleasure to carry it. In both OWB carry and IWB carry scenarios it was naturally the lightest and most petite handgun from the lineup. After trying a bunch of Beretta Subcompact PX4 Storm holsters I finally decided to opt for a Beretta PX4 Kydex holster A901. Simply because it has outstanding retention and features an optional claw, but honestly, the PX4 subcompact can be carried in a variety of holsters. It is just so small you have a lot of room to pick really the one you are most comfortable with. But what about the OWB holster for Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact you ask? I had so many favorites it is tough to say which one is the best. You can pick the one you like from this category of OWB PX4 Storm holsters.

Beretta Holsters PX4 Storm Compatibility

Does the Beretta PX4 Holster fit a model 92? Does the Beretta PX4 Storm fit in a Beretta M9 Sepra holster? Is the 92 96 holster fit for Beretta PX4 Storm? Well, we get a lot of questions like these. There is only one answer. PX4 Storm has a unique frame that makes it not suitable for any other holster. A pistol like this deserves a PX4 Storm custom holster anyway. It is safer, more comfortable & more reliable to always carry your handguns in specifically fitting holsters.

holster for a Beretta PX4 Storm
holster for a Beretta PX4 Storm

Last Thoughts

Now armored with knowledge about PX4 Storm family handguns and Beretta Storm PX4 holsters you should be ready to pick the best one that suits your needs, body shape & preferred carry method. In case you would need anything else we didnt discuss in this article feel free to contact our customer support.

Author: Martin Lukacko

Date: Jun 12th, 2024