What are specifics of FALCO gun holsters

Every holsters manufacturer has their own idea on how to design holsters and what material and technology should they use for their production. In FALCO we chose craftsmanship.

There are no press forms, no mass production. Every holster is hand-made from scratch by one person only.

Leather holsters

Leather is the most traditional material for holster production. We make our leather holsters by hand. The cow leather we use is naturally tanned, 2.5mm-3mm thick. Our supplier, the tannery in Czech Republic produces it according to our high specifications.

Due to our high quality expectations, the tannery usually needs to makes 4 times the required amount as we only choose the best cow hides, roughly every 4th examined.

Leather is a natural material and we don’t color its surface to cover any imperfections. Any coloring would highlight them even more, thus our leather must be perfect right from the start.

After the leather is cut into the required shape of a particular holster and then sewn, our craftsmen put it into the required color bath. Once dried, the gun model is placed inside the holster. Then starts the shaping stage which is done by hand molding, followed by coloring that once dry, would help to hold the holster’s shape.

To achieve a smooth surface, the leather is impregnated with special oils. And then lacquered in the last stage of the production. This makes its surface nice and shiny and also aids as a protective layer. The whole production process of each holster takes three days as all; the color, oil and lacquer need to penetrate the leather pores thoroughly.

Made this way, the holster would not only have a rich leathery smell but most of all, it could provide you service for decades if properly looked after.

Nylon holsters

Compared to the leather, nylon has different advantages to offer. It is lighter, more scratch and sweat resistant, it’ s softer and comfortable.

  • Our nylon is specially made for us.
  • It is composed of three layers, with the top one being durable, water proof fabric.
  • An impact resistant foam sandwiched in the middle closed by soft outer layer.
  • This fabric is designed to protect the gun’s surface and also by being slippery enough enabling a quick gun draw.

All three layers are glued together and fixed in the heat press. The process of producing nylon gun holster is way quicker compared to the leather holster production. Nonetheless, we maintain the same craftsmanship method where every holster is made by one person only.

Kydex holsters

Kydex is the latest trend in handgun carry. This new breed of holsters is compact, light yet sturdy and durable. It is also weather resistant and washable. The holsters hold gun in a self-locking position, fixed, offering a superior level of retention.

The production process is much different to nylon or leather holsters. Kydex is a thermoplastic sheet. By heat molding and the use of vacuum press with an inserted gun in between the warm sheets takes on the required shape. We use genuine 2mm thick Kydex . As details count, we put a lot of attention and care into making holster edges smooth and immaculate.

Bags for concealed carry

These bags are a practical choice for handgun carry. They must be functional, enabling quick gun draw and carry your gun discreetly and safely. We started with production of tactical looking models which are very good and work well but can be recognized as carry bags.

The current demand is for everyday wear models that would suit any occasion with balanced concealment necessities and aesthetic appeal. Their development is far more interesting than their production and we try to come up with new and upgraded designs every year.

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Róbert Kováč

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