How to choose a belt for gun carry?

Do you know which accessory gets often forgotten when buying a holster? The belt! Gun belt should definitely be in third place on your shopping list. It is an accessory that does not only fulfill an "aesthetic" function but mainly a practical one. A quality belt will not only guarantee your comfort when carrying but above all, it will ensure that your handgun is in the exact place where it should be when needed. Save 25% OFF a premium leather gun belt and add it directly to your custom holster set up.

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The key features of a quality gun belt

Premium leather Falco gun belts meet important requirements that everyday commercial leather belts fail to offer. 

Leather Sturdiness 

Our belts are designed to bear the heavy weight of your firearm and ammunition without bending. They are manufactured from 2 layers of 1/8 inch natural leather and double stitched by quality threads. Thanks to the even weight distribution, the belt prevents the handgun from "pulling" the pants lower. If you prefer holsters with leather belt loops, the sturdy gun belt is a must- because it prevents the belt loops from wearing off too quickly. 

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Quality Belt Buckle

The thickness of the leather is not the only important feature of a quality gun belt. Not only do we use two layers of premium Italian leather when making our belts, but we also pay close attention to the buckle itself. Same as the leather we use, our buckles are carefully designed to reliably bear heavyweight and to withstand critical events without breaking off. They are made from 100% Stainless Steel with a nice scratch-resistant surface.

  1. Compatibility
    Leather holsters are usually made to fit belts in width of 1.5" or 2". However, the thickness of a gun belt varies from brand to brand. High-quality gun belts are usually thicker than regular commercial leather belts. To achieve 100% belt-holster compatibility, we recommend getting your belt and your holster from one manufacturer. Not only will it extend the lifespan of both products, but you can be sure that the color of the leather products will match perfectly. 
Concealed Carry is more comfortable with the right gun belt.

Since 1989, we have been gaining experience in holster making and safe gun carry. Even after all these years, we keep seeing gun owners who invest in a high-quality custom-made holster but underestimate the choice of a belt. Do not make the same mistake- if you decide to get a premium FALCO leather holster, be sure to get a belt that will match it in quality.  You can do so directly when setting up your custom holster and even get a 25% discount on our #1 rated leather belt K102.

How to measure your belt size?

At Falco Holsters, we manufacture leather belts for your exact waist circumference. Each belt comes with 5 holes spaced 1" apart. All you need to do is to type in your waist circumference and we will make the belt according to your size and color of your holster. How to measure your waist correctly? You can follow either of these tips:

1. Measuring tape & pair of your pants

    Put on your favorite pair of pants and take a measuring tape. Thread the measuring tape through the belt loops on your pants and measure the waist circumference in a height you prefer the pants to fit. This is the dimension you will use to order your Falco belt

    2. Measuring your old belt

      If you have your old belt at hand, you can simply stretch it out on a solid surface. Take your measuring tape and measure the distance from the most used hole to the point where the buckle meets the leather. This is the dimension you will use to order your Falco belt

      If you are buying a belt for IWB carry, make sure to add 2" when ordering. This way, the belt will fit comfortably over the firearm placed inside your waistband. 

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