Comfortable nylon IWB holster

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The holster provides excellent concealability and offers more comfort for regular wearing by adding an extended upper flap which separates the gun from the body while preserving the design for a quick and easy draw. This holster was used in the movie James Bond Quantum of Solace.

Our skilled craftsmen customize the holster for your specific handgun , but thanks to the semi-universal holster design it will fit also other guns in the same size category.  

  • The entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design
  • Concealed beneath the clothing
  • Steel belt clip
  • for belt width 1,6 inch / 40 mm or 2 inches / 50 mm
  • No thumb break
  • Quick and easy draw
  • Gun separated from the body by the shape of holster's reverse side
  • Right and left-handed models available
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Note: Changes in the order can be made only up to 24 hours after you receive the order confirmation. After this period, it is no longer possible to make changes in the order because it enters the production process.

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I have tried a few holsters from different manufactures but this Falco holster for my Sig P365xl is the best so far. It fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. It holds the gun exactly the way I want it to and the position that I wanted to stay when carrying IWB. The only change I would make is to loosen up the spring clip a little because it is very tight getting on and off of my belt.
Thank You for a great holster.


Excellent quality and workmanship. Perfect fit for my Glock 36. Customer Service kept me informed from initial order through delivery. Painless buying experience...


Always a pleasure. i purchase most of my holsters from Falco, even with the longer turnaround times. The comfort and fit are the best, if you want quality you will have the patience and get one.


The holster I received didn't fit the gun I specified in my order that it was for. Upon returning the brand new, unused holster at my shipping expense, Falco then refused to refund me. Buy elsewhere. Terrible product. Terrible customer service.


This is the best nylon holster I’ve owned. The materials and craftsmanship is top quality. I highly recommend this type of holster to those who carry concealed.


I received my holster and I'm very pleased with the quality and how my pistol fits into the holster. Will definitely be ordering another holster for my other guns. Thank you for the care and quality you've shown in your products!


Great product, keeps my CZ Pistol tight to my side, no movement or siding around. You can't go wrong with this holster.


Absolutely the best holster I've ever used. It's not flashy, it's not complicated. But it works as it is intended to and I no longer have a hard leather and kydex holster digging into my side when I sit or twist or bend. I'm sitting right now and I can't even feel it on my hip. Love this holster!


Easy ordering. Very fair pricing. Excellent holster, fit and quality of build. Comfortable to wear. Would buy again/another.

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