Tuckable nylon IWB holster
Tuckable nylon IWB holster
Tuckable nylon IWB holster
Tuckable nylon IWB holster
Tuckable nylon IWB holster


Tuckable nylon IWB holster

  • Guarantee: Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • available in 35 days

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The holster is designed for concealed, inside the waistband carry. Made of breathable 3D material to provide the best comfort for daily wearing. Lowered carry position allows tuckable wearing under the shirt, more easily concealed than traditional IWB holsters.

Our skilled craftsmen custom make the holster for your specific handgun, but thanks to the semi-universal holster design it will fit also other guns in the same size category

  • Vertical position on the belt
  • for belt width 1,6 inch / 40 mm or 2 inches / 50 mm
  • Inside the waistband carry
  • Lowered position of the gun
  • Gun is separated from the body
  • 3D breathable material
  • Each piece is custom made for a specific gun model
  • Lifetime limited warranty

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Customer Timothy

Really impressed with the nylon holster. So comfortable easy to draw and easy to holster. It doesnt completely collapse when you draw. Fits my px4 compact and my cougar 8000 perfectly even though theres a 3/4" difference in barrel length. Well guys this is the 3rd holster I've gotten from you. The other 2 are leather paddle holsters that are beautifully hand made leather that fit perfectly. Keep up the good work

Customer How B.

Great product, high quality and a perfect fit.

Customer Neil P.

Great product. Everything was exactly as advertised.

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